The woman looked into the water before diving just for fun but at the same second, she sharply retreated. A shark the size of a boat breached the water at the speed of a boat, and the whole incident was caught on video.


It all happened in the waters of Oahu, Hawaii. The woman on the video is actually Ocean Ramsey, the famous freediver, model, and founder of One Ocean Diving, LLC in Hawaii, a company which facilitates dives with marine life. Her videos are extremely popular on social media and more and more people believe that sharks really aren't such dangerous creatures.


Ramsey has been swimming with sharks for over a decade and knows their habits very well. The woman was on a boat tour that day, and newcomers who had never encountered sharks were also planning to dive.


The diver was just telling them how safe these sea creatures were. She was about to enter the water. But here, apparently, experience played a role. Ramsey purely reflexively looked down.


That moment a shark swam out of the depths.


It's hard to believe that creatures of this size can be so agile. Take a look at the astounding footage of Ramsey and the shark's movements:

The diver prudently waited until the shark had calmed down. However, she then dived in anyway and swam for a while with a couple of other sharks.

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