A snow-white French bulldog has recently become a mom. The dog dotes on her pups, but she feels she can give her love to someone else, e.g. a little duckling.

A video that features feeding a litter of pups has been posted on Reddit. The little ones were all in a bed, and the owner was spoon-feeding them.

Then the puppies' mom decided that food should also be shared with the duckling. She brought the yellow baby and placed it with the other pups. She looked at the owner not understanding why the bird was not given food. And when the woman took the duckling away from the bed, the bulldog continued to insist on returning the bird to her other pups.

The dog's sweet love for the duckling surprised social media users. As one person wrote, "It is always amazing to see the maternal instincts in the animal kingdom. That is one good mama doggo."

Watch this touching moment:

She wants to raise the duck baby with her babies ­čĄŚ from aww

Source: Reddit

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