Nowadays cities take over more and more of animals' habitat. Often the animals living in these areas are unprepared for such changes. Roads are extensively being built, and some wild animals simply don't have time to get used to the fact that there is a freeway in place of a path. Roads are very dangerous for wild animals since they put animals at risk of being run over.

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That day Li from Shenyang, China, was returning home from work. It was already dark outside so the man tried his best to be attentive. On some roads, there are fences separating the roadway from the shoulder. Fences are made to make it easier for drivers to navigate and to keep wild animals from being hit by cars. However, fencing is not always successful and sometimes animals can end up on the road.

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Li spotted a small animal crawling along the fence. The guy stopped the car and took a closer look at the poor thing. It turned out to be a hedgehog that had gotten into the road and was very frightened.

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It was already dark, and Li decided to take the hedgehog home and release it in the morning in a safe place. As soon as the guy brought the hedgehog home and gave him a box to sleep in, the hedgehog instantly fell asleep.

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In the morning, Li came up to the box to check if the rescued hedgehog was okay and was very surprised. There were eight little hedgehogs born overnight!

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Li called animal rescue, and specialists arrived on the scene immediately.

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They assumed that the hedgehog had been living at someone's home, because wild hedgehogs usually choose secluded places to give birth. The hedgehogs were taken by specialists and released into the wild far away from the highway.

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Have you ever seen a baby hedgehog?


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