They say if there's a Paradise on Earth, it's Hawaii! It boasts stunning scenery, unique flora, and even more unique fauna, which are second to none. Tourists are amazed by the diversity of animals and insects, and even not every local resident is well acquainted with all the local living creatures.

Recently while working in his garden, a Hawaii resident spotted a dozen tiny, hitherto unseen white, round eggs inside a hollowed-out bamboo log.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Source: YouTube screenshot

The whole clutch fitted in the man's palm! "What the heck was that?" the man thought.

Source: YouTube screenshot

While he was looking at his find, thinking that they were the eggs of some garden pest, one of them hatched and there was ... a tiny lizard! The creature was no longer than a fingertip, had huge eyes without eyelids which it constantly licked with its wide forked tongue covered with tiny papillae, and sticky pads of spread fingers!

Source: YouTube screenshot

"It is a gecko!" the man guessed.

Source: YouTube screenshot

He returned the eggs, which also began to hatch, one by one, and the baby that had already hatched, in the hope that the mother would return to her hatchlings!

Source: YouTube screenshot

Of course, he took pictures of his find and then left the place not to spook the little ones.

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