Not without reason, crows are considered one of nature's most intelligent living creatures. As recent studies show, these birds cope well with their daily tasks thanks to improvisation and creativity.

For example, scientists have found out that crows have learned to transform twigs and wires into hooks and use them to get food from hard-to-reach places. A resident of Seattle, Stuart Dahlquist, happened to be acquainted with the creative abilities of crows.

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Since childhood the man has been interested in ornithology, so he welcomed a pair of crows, which had chosen a tree in his garden for nesting. The birds have lived together for about four years. The "neighbors" became more intimately acquainted with the property owner when the fledglings fell out of the nest.

Stuart heard the excited cries of their parents and went out to see what was causing the commotion. He saw the adult birds flying frantically over their offspring. The nest was quite high and it was impossible for the parents to bring the fat kids "home" on their own. The man picked up the chicks and put the crows on the tree as high as he could.

After a while, the entire crow family was resting in the nest. To cement the friendship, Stuart began to regularly leave some treats for the birds nearby. Gradually the crows became accustomed to the man and his family. The help was especially valuable when one of the adult crows died and one parent took care of the whole crow family.

As time passed, the chicks grew up and the crow family decided it was time to repay the man for his help and generosity. Every day the man began to find original gifts on his doorstep.

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He shared photos of the first two on Twitter, which immediately went viral. The birds brought pull tabs threaded onto pine twigs, turning them into exquisite decorations for the house of their friend.

According to experts, the love of birds of shiny objects and their willingness to share their treasures with people shows that they really value their relationship. Well, the crow family continues to delight Stuart from time to time, and the man is even thinking of putting up the crow works for an auction.


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