Getting a new pet can be an incredibly exciting experience. This woman had been preparing for a long time to bring a new furry family member into her home. is going tell her unusual story.

Maribel Sotelo from Peru dreamt of adopting a pet for a long time. And when she saw an adorable puppy for a very small amount of money, she didn't think twice about buying it. The salesperson said it was a husky puppy, and the woman believed it.


The puppy named Ran-Ran was growing up rather wild. Serious problems came up when the young "dog" started stealing poultry from Sotelo's neighbors. That's when it became clear that under the guise of an adorable red-haired puppy, a small fox cub had been sold.

It took the family a long time to figure out what to do with the fox that had already become a family member. But the neighbors were determined, they did not want their households to suffer because of such an exotic pet.


As a result, the family surrendered the fox to the wildlife sanctuary.

Now the little redheaded animal, who had never been able to be fully tamed, lives with other foxes and is doing his favorite thing, hunting. According to specialists, Ran-Ran has fallen victim to poachers, who often take animals from Amazonian ecosystems.


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