Every morning Aaron would wake up tired, with bruises on his chest and shoulders time and again. Illness? Poltergeist? A footage from his bedroom revealed the truth.

A few months ago, Aaron Brown began noticing that he was getting less sleep. He would get out of bed feeling extremely tired, and this upset him a lot, because he had to wake up early. However, he had never had any problems falling asleep or sleeping.

In addition, the man began to notice small bruises on his skin. Aaron, who had recently adopted an adult cat, Tormund, decided to install a camera in his bedroom to check what his pet was doing at night and whether he was the reason for his disturbed sleep.

Source: The Dodo

After watching the video, Aaron was horrified. He knew that Tormund was mostly active at night, but he hadn't expected his pet to be this active. The cat was jumping onto his sleeping owner, and walking, and patting him all night long:

According to Aaron, Tormund is a very friendly cat and, if he wants to socialize, he does it no matter the hour he wants it. Not surprisingly, his owner was starting to feel ill, as the redheaded bandit would literally give him no rest during the night. As soon as Aaron turned off the light, it was as if the cat got a second wind; he had never been this active during the day.

Source: The Dodo

Yes, Tormund was not the quietest pet, but Aaron would not give up on his cat. He says he wouldn't trade his orange pet for any other cat. "He's so great," Aaron says. "There's zero regret about adopting him. I might get a bit less sleep, but I can't stay mad at that floof ball."

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Source: The Dodo

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