One day a photographer was about to take pictures of the sunset, but got quickly distracted. This is not surprising, because a cunning crow caught his attention. The bird got tired of flapping its wings, so it sat down on an eagle's back and flew away like on horseback. The whole unbelievable situation was captured on video.


The video was made not far from a large national park. According to its author, the crow was hovering above the eagle for some time as if thinking over its plan of action.


Then the bird dived down and landed right on the back of the soaring eagle. The latter did not take any action for some seconds, as if the birds were friends.

A video of the crow sitting on the eagle's back quickly went viral. According to an ornithologist, the birds were not having fun at all.


"The crow is defending its territory. The eagle may not have intended to claim it, but crows and eagles traditionally dislike each other where they have to share territory," the specialist explained.

But from the outside the situation looked quite clear, whatever the ornithologist said. The crow just took a ride on the back of the crow.


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