In the next few days, unusually strong tides are expected, which could lead to flooding of coastal areas of the planet.

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Scientists predict "king tides", that is, very high tides, which could cause giant waves that will lead to flooding and erosion of coastal areas. And this is likely occur from January 25, 2023. According to Forbes, the reason for this is Super New Moon.

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Very high tides, which are unofficially called "king tides" may occur as early as January 25 due to the fact that a New Moon will approach our planet at the closest distance in the last 1000 years. On Saturday, January 21, the Moon was at its closest distance to the planet since 1030 and the next time this will happen only in 2368.

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Known as a perigee New Moon or "Super New Moon" the Earth's satellite was particularly close to our planet.

As we know, the gravitational influence of the Moon is the main cause of tides on the Earth. Certain parts of the oceans, on the side of the Earth closest to the Moon, rise, and this creates waves that crash on coastal areas.

Twice a month, when there is a full Moon and a New Moon, the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon align. The gravitational influence of these objects causes very high tides on the Earth.


But scientists say that during a so-called "Supermoon", there is a much greater influence of the Moon and the Sun on Earth's tides. This event can result in giant waves that are likely to flood coastal areas and lead to coastal erosion.

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It is important to note that a "Supermoon" also occurs during a full Moon, but if in this case the Moon can be seen in the sky, in the case of a "Supermoon" during a New Moon, our satellite stays invisible.

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Although the New Moon occurred on January 21, the so-called "king tides" will appear later. This is due to both the oceans, the distance between continents and other features of the planet. 

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