This couple from France had dreamed of an exotic pet for a long time. However, they decided to save on the pet by buying it from a shady seller they'd found on the Internet. As a result, they were left without a cat and money. This is what the desire to save money leads to. As the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice.


A bargain

This is a true story that happened in France in 2018. A couple decided to buy a cat of the rare exotic Savannah breed, a cross between a domestic cat and wild serval.


There are breeders, which sell such pets. The only disadvantage is a very high cost. The couple decided to save on the pet and started searching for ads on the Internet. Eventually, they found a suitable option. The seller agreed to sell the animal for $6,000. The couple was quite satisfied with the price but the seller asked the couple to wait a few weeks for the kitten to start eating solid food. A month later, the seller arrived to meet the buyers holding a two-month-old kitten. At least, that's what the couple thought. In fact, it was not a Savannah cat, but a real tiger cub. The deal was a success. The buyers took the new pet and paid the seller $6,000 in cash. Overjoyed, they went home.


However, after a few days, the couple suspected something was wrong. Their Savannah was very wild and aggressive. The buyers did their own investigation, comparing the photos of the Savannah cat to their pet, and realized they had been duped. It was not an exotic domesticated cat, but a real predator.


Without thinking twice, the couple called the police. The spouses told about how they wanted to buy a Savannah cat, and they were sold a tiger. The law-enforcement officers had suspicions that the sellers were involved in some shady business. They made an assumption that the sellers initially wanted to get a predator for themselves and then, when they realized that they could not cope with it, decided to sell it. However, the assumption was not confirmed.


The police spent two years searching for businessmen selling rare predators illegally. As a result, they managed to arrest the entire criminal gang that consisted of nine people. Now the criminals face a real jail term, as it is forbidden to sell tigers in France. The little tiger cub found a new home but where it is now is unknown.


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