In May 1933 the whole world heard the story of a huge monster allegedly living in the Loch Ness Lake in the Scottish Highlands. For a long time it was considered a hoax. However, a mathematician conducted a large-scale study and was able to prove its existence. Moreover, the man even showed the place of the lake where Nessie most likely lives.

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Researchers of the lake have previously put forward dozens of hypotheses in an attempt to explain the existence of the Loch Ness monster. It has been considered a plesiosaur, a seal, an eel. There have been assumptions that it is even a sturgeon.

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In 2019, Professor Neil Gemme tackled the question scientifically for the first time. His team took 250 water samples from the lake and studied the DNA found in them. It turned out that most of them belonged to ordinary eels.

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But mathematician Flo Foxom decided to test Gemme's theory mathematcally. He took the DNA data, compared it to the catches of local fishermen, and deduced that there really are a lot of eels in the lake, about 8,000.

He then calculated the probability of finding at least 3 ft long eel there. Foxom concluded that the odds were only 1 in 50,000. So the probability of finding a 18 ft long eel is about zero.

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It turns out that the creature seen on the video is not an eel. According to Foxom's formula, it most likely lives in the southwestern part of the lake.

The mathematician's conclusions, however, still remain questionable.


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