Kasey Akram, 32, an unemployed single mom from Britain, is convinced that her son Jareem, who is just one year old deserves only the best things. Among the toddler's possessions there are a $800 Versace chain, a $1000 diamond encrusted bracelet, and a $1,200 solid gold dummy.

The toddler has already been dubbed Britain's most pampered tot.

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Kasey loves to spoil her only child. Akram says that before welcoming Jareem she always thought she hated kids. Working as a model and dancer she led a glamourous lifestyle filled with parties, restaurants, and shops. But after becoming a mom, Kasey fell in love with her little boy.  

"As soon as I had my little boy, my obsession changed from how I looked to focusing on my son," Kasey said.

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Now she spends thousands of bucks on Jareem's organic food, designer clothes, and toys. The most expensive purchases include a $800 Versace chain, a $1000 diamond encrusted bracelet, and a $1,200 solid gold dummy.

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By the way, Kasey currently doesn't work. She lives on benefits and help from her ex-partner. Jareem has always been her priority. She uses a cheap shampoo and is wearing charity shop clothes while the boy wears a designer t-shirt.

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"Whatever he likes, he gets and if I can't afford it I ring his dad and get the money," says Kasey.

Every day Kasey wakes up at 6am to make hot all-organic breakfast for Jareem, which she then brings to him to eat in bed.

Several times a week she gives him a bath with milk and honey which is followed by a massage with baby oil. Once in two weeks Jareem goes to a barbershop to have his hair cut by a top hairstylist. His pedicure and manicure are done in a nail salon.

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"He’s never seen a slice of white bread in his life and what I eat he eats – he likes olives, he likes grilled peppers, everyone says he has such a refined palate. He has breakfast in bed every morning," Kasey says.

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"I always ask him if he gets a girlfriend when he’s older and she doesn't like me if he’ll kick her out and he says yes – when he finally gets married his wife is going to hate me," she adds.

"What Jareem wants Jareem gets," this is Kasey's motto. While the mom wears $20 flip flops, Jareem wears Gucci trainers.

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"I spent $1,200 on a solid gold dummy and he chucked it in the middle of town and lost it, I cried for three days," Kasey confesses.

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To crown it all, Kasey had her son's palm read four times which cost her $50 a time to know what his favorite color was because he couldn't speak.

Source: SWNS

Anyway, Kasey doesn't pay attention to criticism and says, "If I want to spend the money on my son that’s my choice."

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