Lauren got her first gray hair when she was just 12 years old. She had dyed her roots every two weeks for ten years and it wasn't until she gave it up that she realized how much money she could save on it.

All of the women in Lauren Migdley's family are graying early, very early. The girl was only twelve when she spotted a grey patch in her hair. No one of her friends, indeed, no one of her acquaintances had gray in their hair. Lauren's mom came to her daughter's rescue: she bought a chestnut-colored hair dye at the store, the same color as the girl's hair. That same night in the kitchen, Lauren had her gray hair dyed for the first time.

Lauren before and after. Source: Instagram

Lauren would dye her hair every two weeks so that no one would notice her turn gray. At first her mother dyed her hair, then Lauren grew up and started going to beauty salons. At some point she realized that dying her hair takes a fortune – almost $100 a month. With that money, she could have had a sumptuous dinner at a restaurant every month.

Lauren. Source: Instagram

Lauren was 24 when she told her hairstylist about her concerns: how much money she spent on dyeing, and how she was slowly pulling out the gray hairs on her temples. Lauren worked as an elementary school teacher, a public profession, and was very concerned about her look. But she was lucky to have an understanding hairstylist. He suggested that Lauren embrace her hair because silver was in fashion. Even celebrities grow natural gray hair. And to make it look better, he made shining highlights. Lauren agreed to take the risk.

Source: Instagram

She had never felt so free. No one of Lauren's acquaintances knew that she was completely gray, they just assumed she'd had a fancy dye job. But Lauren still felt a little lonely in the world of those who thought it necessary to hide their gray hair. And then she stumbled upon Embrace the Grey on Instagram where people were showing that gray can be beautiful.

Source: Instagram

And then the teacher decided to share her own photos to support women who went gray in their youth. Her post became incredibly popular, and the girl's Instagram account was showered with likes and subscriptions. People admired her courage and how much she loved her gray hair. By that time, she had already been living with her natural hair color for 2.5 years.

Source: Instagram

Although most of the comments on Lauren's page are positive and supportive, she still has to deal with unwanted attention from men. But Lauren wants to believe that this is just another way to show kindness. More often than not, she has to hear the question, "Are you sure you're in good health," and Lauren is never tired of answering that she's fine. Early gray hair is normal and there's no need to be embarrassed about it.

Source: Instagram

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