At 30 weeks pregnant, this couple had to make the hardest decision in their lives. Their faith and desire to see their daughter, if only for a little while, saved them from the biggest mistake.

Dinah, 41, and Adam de Regt of Australia were overjoyed to find out they were expecting their seventh child. At first Dinah as well as fetus didn't have any health issues, but in the seventh month, doctors shocked the couple with an unexpected diagnosis. According to them, their baby had pontocerebellar hypoplasia, a rare and severe pathology that affects baby's brain development. Telling Dinah that even if the baby girl survives the birth, she still wouldn't live more than a few hours, the doctors insisted on terminating the pregnancy.

Dinah was preparing to become a mother for the seventh time. Source: Caters News

Dinah and Adam were about to make the hardest decision of their lives. After several sleepless nights, the exhausted couple said that they did not want an abortion and wanted to see their daughter, even if that reunion would be short-lived. They had already lost their son Noah in 2018, whose heart stopped at 20 weeks pregnant, and they didn't want to relive the situation.

In November 2021, baby Brianna was born. The baby girl was immediately sent for a checkup – Dina barely had time to kiss the top of her head.

Brianna's birthday. Source: Caters News

The newborn girl underwent several genetic tests, eye scans, renal tests, ultrasounds, and a brain MRI. The result amazed everyone: the girl was absolutely healthy!

Source: Caters News

The doctors explained what happened by the fact that MRI of a newborn gives more precise data than an intrauterine ultrasound.

Source: Caters News

Brianna recently celebrated her first birthday. She is growing up to be a healthy and strong child, refuting all the diagnoses that were given to her before she was born. "This little girl is our ray of light. She's so funny and makes us laugh every day," Dinah says.

Dinah and her one-year-old daughter Brianna. Source: Caters News

For families facing this situation, Dinah has a piece of advice: "Never lose hope. The reality is doctors are human too and can't be right 100 percent of the time. Our girl is proof that miracles do happen," she says.

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