Many people only dream of spending the entire year traveling the world with their families. For the Porters from Canada, this is just an everyday life because instead of a new apartment, they bought a cheap single-engine plane. Relatives and acquaintances talked them out of such a poor investment. But the Porters started living right in the plane, flying around the world.


The patriarch, Ian Porter, 59, worked as a private pilot for more than 40 years. Eldest daughters, Samantha, 21, and Sydney, 19, can also pilot a plane. The pilot's wife, Michelle, 58, can't fly yet; their son Christopher, 15, is quickly mastering the profession.


On June 15, 2022, the entire family flew out of Vancouver and have spent most of their time traveling ever since. The Porters practice a "slow" approach – no one rushes anywhere, they stay in each country as long as they want. So far, the family have been to 20 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras.


Of course, it took some time to find the right airplane.. Eventually Ian came across an Australian Gippsaero GA8 AirVan for sale just an hour away from Vancouver. The plane is a sort of family minivan with wings: it can take up to eight people on board and maintain a cruising speed up to 100 mph.


"Our friends think we're a little crazy. But we think staying in one place when the whole world is open that's what's really crazy," Ian told reporters.


An apartment for a family of five costs a lot more than an airplane in Canada. That's why the Porters think their decision is quite reasonable:

The Porters' first trip should be over in about eight months. But it's likely the family will start planning a new one right away.

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