Every show or movie has its own style and aesthetic. But what happens if the plot of one show is moved to the setting of another? The social media user Jimmy Neuron has experimented with this. He transferred the characters from the Friends TV series to the Game of Thrones universe using a neural network, and this is what has come out of it.

What if Friends were filmed in the Game of Thrones aesthetic?

Source: Jimmy Neuron

Game of Thrones is a pretty violent show, full of intrigue and treachery. What kind of friendship would be? If its characters pretend to be friends, there are no guarantees that no one will stab anyone in the back. So the author put forward the title Enemies as much more appropriate here, and the famous Central Perk sofa could perfectly replace the Iron Throne.

Rachel Green

Source: Jimmy Neuron

Ross Geller

Source: Jimmy Neuron

Monica Geller

Source: Jimmy Neuron

The images are generated by the Midjourney neural network. It can create an image using text queries or combining images, and then offers several resulting options.

Joey Tribbiani

Source: Jimmy Neuron

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Phoebe Buffay

Source: Jimmy Neuron

Chandler Bing

Source: Jimmy Neuron

The author admits that he has long been fascinated by the study of neural networks, and even wrote a term paper about their ability to recognize people's faces.

Alternative title could be Game of Sofas

Source: Jimmy Neuron

Source: twizz.com

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