Kindness is a great miracle that everyone can share, and it can warm not only people's hearts. A schoolgirl from Great Britain, showed compassion and got an unusual pet. is going to tell you about the amazing friendship of a girl and a bumblebee.

Lacey Shillinglaw was walking her dog in the park when on one of the paths she nearly stepped on a large, yellow and black insect. Taking a closer look, the girl realized that the bumblebee had one crumpled wing. The only thing she could do to help the poor thing was to take it to a bush, away from the road, where it might be stepped on.

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Lacey let the insect climb up her arm. She went to the nearest flower bed and spent a while trying to place the bumblebee on a flower. However, the bumblebee flatly refused to leave her rescuer.

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The girl put up with the desire of Betty (the name she gave her new friend) to live with her, and since then they have been inseparable. Lacey's parents didn't object to this unusual but sweet friendship. During its two weeks in the house, the bumblebee has charmed the whole family. Betty does not try to fly away, despite the open windows.

She accompanies her "owner" everywhere, sitting in her hair or on her sunglasses despite the astonished exclamations of passersby. They have lunch together, and Betty is pampered with honey, sugar syrup, and strawberry jam.

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At night the bumblebee sleeps the jar, and in the morning, it climbs back into Lacey's hair. The girl has taken the pet out into the garden several times, hoping it will stay in its habitat, but it's been adamant. As long as Lacey is close by, Betty busily explores the flowers, but as soon as she moves a little further away, the bumblebee rushes after her humming indignantly.

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Interestingly enough, Betty almost never leaves her owner's long hair. Furthermore, the bumblebee does not show any attention to other family members – neither Lacey's parents, nor her brothers and little sister are an object of interest to the faithful Betty.

In the days that the bumblebee has lived with the family, it has never once stung its members. Lacey is excited by their touching friendship, and she is sad that fluffy Betty will not stay with her for a long time. The bumblebee lives only about a month.

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