One day Paul Johnson, who worked as a miner, spotted a rat that had come out of nowhere in the tunnel. There was clearly no food around, and he decided to feed the rodent. The rat started coming to him almost every shift. The work at the mine went on as usual, but one day the rat behaved strangely, as if urging the man to follow it.

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Since childhood Paul Johnson, grown up in a family of miners, knew everything about working in a mine, so he didn't think twice about the choice of profession.

In addition to the ability to make quick decisions, the main thing underground is mutual help. Perhaps that was why one day he decided not to chase away a rat that was disturbing his lunchtime nap, but rather to give it food.

The rat clearly remembered Paul, and now would come running to have lunch every day. And of all the workers who also wanted to feed it, it chose only Paul, unmistakably finding him among the crowd of similarly dressed and covered with dust miners.

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The animal quickly got accustomed to the people, as they did to it. So the miners were a little surprised when they did not see the animal at lunchtime. No one paid much attention to it, and as usual Paul was about to take a nap, but quickly woke up from a bite on his arm.

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Paul saw that the rat was acting strangely: running away and coming back, and squeaking nervously.

The man quickly realized that there must be some reason for this behavior of the usually grateful animal. Without thinking twice, he woke up those who were lying beside him, and together they ran after the rat.

A rat rescued the miner. Source: YouTube screenshot

But no sooner had they run a couple of dozen feet than they heard a terrible rumble behind them, and a cloud of dust filled the passageway. The vault, under which Paul and his fellows had been lying a moment before, collapsed, crushing what they had left behind in haste. Miraculously, the surviving miners could not utter a word, because if it hadn't been for the little rat, none of them would have woken up.

By the way, none of the miners has seen their savior since. And while some have thought that the rodent disappeared under the rubble, for Paul it is more pleasant to think that his guardian angel simply completed its mission and moved on.

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