A group of volunteers spotted a kitten on a street in Canada. The baby was about two weeks old. The little kitty had eye infection and fleas, but despite this, she was always "smiling."

Source: @tulipthegremlincat

After the kitty was flea-treated, dewormed, and vaccinated, she was ready for adoption. The photos of the smiling kitten were shared on social to find her a forever home. At that time, Jenn and Chris were looking for a second kitty to take in.

Source: @tulipthegremlincat

"We saw the picture and immediately realized that Tulip should be with us."

Source: @tulipthegremlincat

The application was immediately approved and the family took Tulip home, but even there the cat never stopped smiling.

Source: @tulipthegremlincat

"At first we assumed that it was just a one-off in her advertisement, but once we got her home and we began taking countless pictures of her, we realized that it was a permanent thing," Jenn says.

Source: @tulipthegremlincat

"She's really like a tulip always blossoming. If we're sad, we take a look at her and immediately our spirits rise because she's a little lump of positive energy and warmth," Jenn says smiling.

Source: @tulipthegremlincat

Source: The Dodo

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