Newlyweds in one of the northern counties come to the bronze dog to rub his nose and hold his paw. This monument is a symbol of loyalty, though its story is rather sad.

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Almost three decades ago a family was driving along the highway when they got involved in a terrible car accident. Only a dog survived that accident, despite being thrown through the window. Many people thought the dog would not make it, but later he woke up and started limping near the car where his owners were. When the car was taken away, the dog disappeared, but returned the next morning. Sad and motionless, like a statue, he was seen at that place every day for seven years.

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The first time people did not pay attention to the pooch, and he did not let anyone near him. Then the locals began to feed the shepherd and even tried to take him in, but the dog wouldn't give up his post. Residents didn't know where he spent nights, but every morning, in any weather, he would return again and again to that place – for that he was named Loyal. Just at the sight of a car, he would jump up and rush to the front door in an attempt to see his loved ones behind the wheel, but the cars kept whizzing by.

Loyal was sure that sooner or later his owner would return and indeed, he would have returned if he could. But the man died in the ICU, and his young wife died at the scene of the accident. For seven long years, the faithful dog was waiting for his owner, but when he sensed his time was up, he went to the woods, where he disappeared forever. The dog is still remembered by the locals for coming every day to the place where he had seen his owner for the last time. Loyal the dog has become a legend, a symbol of unconditional love, patience, and faith. Now he is with the locals again but cast in bronze, and people honor him with flowers.

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After Loyal crossed the Rainbow Bridge, a sign was placed by the roadside. It reads: "The dog who has taught us love and loyalty."

Soon the locals came up with the idea to erect a monument for this remarkable doggie. People were so moved by the story of another Hachiko that they raised about $5,000 to immortalize the seven-year devotion. The sculptor designed and cast in bronze the figure of the German Shepherd, sadly looking into the distance: his eyes are filled with hope, his head is turned as if he is watching the cars passing by waiting for his owner.

Source: wikimedia

Locals believe that by rubbing the cold nose of the bronze dog one can live with his/her spouse until the golden wedding. So far the newlyweds from the town have polished the tip of the bronze dog's nose to a mirror finish.


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