Nowadays compassion is a very important quality that makes the world a better place to live in. It is especially valuable to pay attention to people and animals in need and help even those who can't voice their troubles.

One day a man went on a hike with his family and friends. In such a situation, almost anyone would just enjoy his/her time and surely wouldn't think about homeless cats and dogs! However, the man did something special and received the recognition of the scientific community.

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Walking around the woods, the Good Samaritan spotted something small stirring in the tall grass. Being absolutely helpless, a small fluffy ball was still giving signs of life. On closer examination the creature looked like a kitten lost in the woods.

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Fearing for the life and health of the foundling, the man picked it up. The animal was smaller than the usual kittens, but still warm. Driven by responsibility, the man took the fluffy poor thing directly to the vets.

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On examining the little one, the vets contacted the representatives of the Wildlife Fund and unanimously declared: there was a real treasure in front of them! It was difficult to overestimate the value of the find, as the fishing cat lives only in wild corners of South-East Asia. Even to see it is considered a real miracle.

The fishing cat. Source: YouTube screenshot

This species loves swimming and perfectly catches fish, that's why it is called  the fishing cat.

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The kitten found in the woods was just one day old. But what had happened to its mother and why it was all alone is still a mystery. Fortunately, the Good Samaritan didn't pass by and took care of the weak creature.

Eventually, the cat will grow big and strong and live life to the fullest in the local wildlife reserve!

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