Some people think dogs shouldn't be allowed into their owner's bed. Dogs are considered to be not very clean pets that have a natural specific smell, love to roll in whatever they want, and occasionally eat other animals' poop. Moreover, they leave hair and saliva on bedding. The conventional wisdom is that a bed is the place only for humans.

However, there is quite the opposite point of view. There are wonderful reasons for your little buddy to rest in your arms all night long. And it is beneficial both for you and your pet.


Well, dear dog owners, your dream comes true. Now your fluffy happiness is allowed to sleep peacefully by your side and it will make him/her very, very happy. If you get good emotions from cuddling your pet, then why deny yourself this pleasure? After all, a good night's sleep is the key to a good day!

Sleeping with a dog is very comfortable


Your pet's warmth, noisy sniffling and cute soothing snoring are natural calming agents. You'll have a great night's sleep, and you'll look refreshed in the morning.

Dogs may help you cope with insomnia


Having a dog in your bedroom helps reduce stress levels and make you feel completely calm. Giving you only positive emotions, your pet is sure to take your mind from bad thoughts.

Goodbye to stress and gloomy thoughts


Scientists argue that being optimists, dogs as if by magic can remove any stress from your life.

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They give you lots of warmth


Lying in your bed they act as a real heater. Of course, in the summertime it can be a little bit hot, but, in winter, dog owners appreciate a furry ball that warms both body and soul.

They are the best psychotherapists


Even the smallest dog gives an infinite amount of love. They can help their owners cope with depression better than the strongest drugs. Dogs are real magicians in terms of psychology.

They help alleviate anxiety


You will always know that the dog will watch over you and will not let anything bad happen. It's worth mentioning that dogs have great hearing and will easily sense if you should stay away from your new acquaintance. This will reassure you and make you feel much safer.

It will bring your dog a lot of joy, too

You are the whole world to your pet. Your doggie loves you more than anyone else. Let your pet be close to you for as long as possible. Your bed is a safe haven for them. It's as nice, warm, and cozy for them as it is for you! And a good night's sleep is good for every dog.

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