Nowadays adopting a furry friend from a shelter is extremely popular. This comes as no surprise because, as a result, usually both parties are happy – both the owner and the pet, and the relationship between them become special. Let's consider the pros and cons.



You're not just taking a pet in; you're giving it a chance at happy life, the opportunity to understand that there's more to the world than a tiny cage and short walks, and sometimes you can even save the animal's life. Most shelters exist only due to donations and the help of volunteers. There are not enough space, medicine, and people. And no matter how hard the shelter workers try, animals sometimes die. If you have never seen how it works, visit your local shelter to understand how many animals need a forever home.

All animals are first treated, dewormed, and vaccinated, and then they start looking for a forever home. In addition, you'll be told about their diagnoses, treatment, and possible consequences, and explained how to properly care for them in case you decide to adopt an injured or disabled animal. And if you suddenly develop an allergy or have any other reason for parting with your pet from the shelter, you will not have to look for new owners. Most shelters take their animals back.


A good shelter will never give you a sick animal, so don't worry that a new pet will infect the other furry friends living with you.


There are "escapees" among shelter animals. Basically, they are freedom-loving dogs that flatly refuse to live with humans. At every opportunity, they go back to the shelter or simply run away to freedom.

Many animals have been abused by humans and no longer trust them. This problem can be solved. You will surely be given the opportunity to visit the chosen pet, to communicate with it a little, to feed it, and walk. But you should understand that the animal may never get used to you.

Some people do not just want to adopt a pet, but hope to help a disabled animal. However, they often find themselves unprepared. Such pets need more attention and special care. Shelter workers will do their best to prepare you. Still, it might turn out that you have overestimated your abilities.

We choose and we are chosen

Shelter workers often tell stories about people who come for a small orange kitten and then leave with a big white dog. You can plan anything, but in the end your feelings will decide everything.

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You can't just point at an animal you like and take it home. It's not certain that it will choose you, it may even refuse to be introduced to you.

You should be prepared for the fact that the shelter is not a high-end kennel. You will see animals there in all kinds of health conditions. Remember that much depends on the living conditions. At home, with loving owners, the pet is likely to look very different. If what you see does not repel you, it may, on the contrary, arouse pity and a desire to take home several pets instead of one, as planned.


When choosing a pet, consider the shelter staff's recommendations. Do not keep large dogs in apartments, and if there are little kids at home, choose an easy-going dog. However, there are exceptions to every rule: a German Shepherd can feel fine in an apartment and be friends with kittens, but it is better not to take the risk.

Remember: these animals have already been through so much, they need affection and time to adapt to the new environment. If you change your mind, going back to the shelter may be a real tragedy for them. Take your time to think it over and prepare as best you can. Sometimes it's better to bring an animal back than to suffer if it turns out that you don't get along.


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