Climbing to one of the peaks of the Swiss Alps, the brothers Cyril and Eric Rohrer, 24, about halfway up the summit encountered a furry hiker who was clearly not dressed for the weather. The domestic-looking kitty looked like a strange guest there, so the brothers quickly decided to take her up with them. A few days later, the men met a group of climbers, who said that this was the third time the cat had been on its peak.

The route to the top of Mt. Bristen is not an easy one, so only experienced climbers go there, and none of them take animals with them. That is why the brothers were very surprised that a cat decided to climb an altitude of 4,000 ft, where they met her.

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It is still unclear what made the pet climb up, but by then she looked very tired. To avoid wasting time going down and back up, Cyril and Eric decided to share food with the cat and take turns carrying her on the steepest slopes.

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There were only a few steep sections to the summit that required the utmost concentration. Luckily, the two brothers met a group of climbers coming down, so the Rohrers handed them the cat with the request to find her owners.

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They were unaware at the time that the furry hiker had been to the top of the mountain three times in less than a week. Each time, while descending with another group, the cat escaped and then joined those who were ascending.

Already back at base after conquering the summit, the brothers learned of the furry adventurer's amazing persistence and her safe return home from where she had escaped four days before.

It is still unknown what was the reason for the cat's behavior. Her instincts of a snow leopard might be to blame or she just might have got tired of the boring life of a house cat.


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