This September, a Delaware veteran had a heart attack. The man was hospitalized and his dogs Bailey and Blaze were left at home with no one to look after them.

Fortunately, volunteers with a local shelter came to the rescue of the veteran and his pets. They took care of the dogs while the man was forced to stay in the hospital. But almost half a month passed, and the patient's condition did not improve. The elderly man was still too weak to take care of himself and his pets. Then the dogs were taken to another shelter, where they were put up for adoption.

When the happy veteran was discharged from the hospital, Bailey and Blaze were still at the shelter, waiting for their owner.

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The man rushed to pick up his pets, but the shelter staff told him the unpleasant news that really shocked the poor man: to have his dogs back he had to pay $250. It looked as if a complete stranger had come to pick them up. In addition, he was given a deadline of several days to pay the bill. The veteran didn't have that money, so he came in the next day to ask for another extension.

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But there was a PetSmart store near the shelter, whose employees prepared a pleasant surprise for the man. They called the old man and told him he could pick up his pets at any time, and absolutely free!

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As it turned out later, a woman was very moved by the veteran's attempt to take his own dogs from the shelter. She contacted the volunteers with whom she was able to raise the money to pay for the pets' bills, toys, and food. As you can imagine, the man was over the moon!

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But the kindness didn't end there. Many strangers who heard this story still continue to send the man everything he needs to take care of his furry friends.

Source: storyfox

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