Lorenzo Buffa would come to the park near his house every Friday. Just at that time, the staff of the local dog shelter would take their dogs for a walk. A dozen dogs would lie down on the grass and play around. When Lorenzo looked at them, his eyes filled with tears – after all, none of them had a home.

Lorenzo Buffa with his dog. Source: goodhouse

Gradually, Lorenzo became convinced that he must adopt one of these dogs. At one point, his eyes met the gaze of a young black dog, and he realized that this was his destiny. That dog was called Myles, and from that day on they have been inseparable. Myles and Lorenzo became best friends: they would go for long walks together, swim in lakes together, sleep in one bed.

Neither Myles nor Lorenzo had ever regretted choosing each other that Friday night. Fourteen years have passed. Myles got older and found it harder to walk. He could no longer walk for many hours, paid less attention to toys, and spent more time sleeping. Gradually, diagnoses began to appear: cataracts, arthritis, heart failure.

Despite his health issues and age, Myles still enjoyed life like a puppy. However, he did everything much more slowly – he got up slowly, walked slowly. He became a real senior dog, though in his heart he was still the same Myles his owner saw in the park 14 years ago. Lorenzo thought about how to make his dog's life as easy and comfortable as possible. He set out to find the ideal retirement home for Myles.

Lorenzo Buffa with his dog. Source: goodhouse

Lorenzo always knew that Myles needed a lot of greenery, wide meadows, and interesting paths to be happy. The man also dreamed of leaving the city by the time he was 30 since the pandemic showed what was really important to him. The man realized that a very simple life in nature was the best option for him. Indeed, he didn't need very much, only the woods outside the window and a comfortable hammock on the porch.

Lorenzo found the perfect little house in the woods, almost a cabin. He named it Myles' Camp and got down to work. The old house was in dire need of renovation so Lorenzo could move there with Myles and two cats, Tofu and Mama. He did the floor, walls, lights – everything with his own hands. And finally, the little family moved into their new home.


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Everyone was happy, but Myles was the happiest. Myles even seems to look younger in the new home. All the medications started to work better. Now he can rest on the terrace for hours being at home and outside at the same time.

Sometimes Myles goes for a walk near his house. He likes that the forest is full of sounds, but there are no annoying sirens, alarms, and car noise. This is an ideal place for both the old dog and his young owner.

Source: goodhouse

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