This unusual story happened on a farm in Adelaide, Australia. A farmer was on his morning rounds and stopped by to check a duck that had recently started laying eggs.

The farmer was shocked since there was a furry little animal sleeping in the duck's nest... He took the little animal to examine it. The baby turned out to be a tiny brushtail possum. No one knows how it got into the duck's nest, but it was obviously warm and comfortable under the duck's wing all night long.

The duck with an unusual hatchling. Source:

The duck might have brought the baby possum to her nest because she mistook it for her chick, or maybe its mother put the baby in the duck's nest to hide it. Or perhaps the little one was left alone and was looking for warmth....

The baby possum. Source:

The farmer named the baby Daisy and gave her to a local shelter. Daisy will stay there until she gets stronger. Later she will be released into the wild.

Best friends. Source:

At the shelter Daisy has a new friend, a baby brushtail possum who has also been abandoned. Shelter staff praised the duck for taking the baby under her wing and keeping her warm throughout the night.


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