Jan Ellis was watching birds at Frampton Marsh Sanctuary in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. Nearby, a man noticed a herd of cows huddled together and looking in one direction.

Cows found a tiny seal. Source: ntdtv

Jan pointed a telescope at the herd and saw that their attention was caught by a tiny seal stuck in the mud. The man contacted the seal station and reported the incident. He was given instructions on what to do. With the help of the reserve staff, Jan rescued the little one from the mud. The seal pup was then taken to the seal hospital.

The little one got stuck in the mud. Source: ntdtv

It is believed that the white seal was brought to the reserve by the tide from the North Sea. Vets said that it was a 5-day-old female.

The seal pup with the rescuer. Source: ntdtv

The little one was diagnosed with pneumonia, it was exhausted and dehydrated. Seal sanctuary director Duncan Yedon says the animal is cute and trusting. "It does not try to bite. It is very obedient," he adds.

The seal is finally safe. Source: ntdtv

The next three months the seal pup will spend at the sanctuary gaining weight and learning to eat fish. Then it will be released into the wild.

Source: ntdtv.com

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