If you think this beautiful creature is a fox, take a closer look. This is a Pomsky dog, her name is Maya.

Maya the dog. Source: leprechaun.land

Such a cutie. Source: leprechaun.land

And probably this is the most charming female dog one has ever seen. The Pomsky is a cross between the Pomeranian and the Husky.

Red beauty. Source: leprechaun.land

Maya the dog. Source: leprechaun.land

Maya's owner Dave Lasio posted these photos on Instagram and Maya immediately captivated everyone with her bright blue eyes and flaming red coat. Indeed, how can one resist such a beauty?

Maya. Source: leprechaun.land

Such a look. Source: leprechaun.land

Maya lives in South Florida with her owner and travels with him a lot.

Source: leprechaun.land

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