This interesting story was told by a TikTok user under the nickname emmapearlher. One day the woman noticed that her dog started barking at the rug and somehow behaved strangely in that place. This went on for several days, and Emma realized that her pet smelled something. She had to lift the rug but there was nothing under it. However, her dog continued to bark and jump around that place.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The homeowner had no choice but to remove several planks, under which there was an unexpected surprise. There was a family of possums, a mother and her babies, living under the floor.

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The mother possum began to behave very aggressively, protecting her babies. There was no way to move them elsewhere. So Emma decided to just watch the uninvited guests with a camera.

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Later, she saw that there were eight little ones in the brood. To make things more comfortable for the cubs, Emma built them a spacious house, which possums can move into later, when they're older. Emma also feeds them fruit and vegetables, which they eagerly eat.


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