It's always good to get along with your neighbors. After all, they may keep an eye on your flat, lend you some salt or sugar, and not to report you to the police when you are a bit too loud having a home party. But what to do when your neighbors are nasty?

A 22-year-old woman took to Reddit's 'Am I the a**hole' thread to ask if she acted in a right way having a rift with her neighbor. The story started when this woman invited her neighbor Sarah for a lunch to get to know each other. To her utter surprise, Sarah brought her huge dog without asking.

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This is what she wrote:

"I'll try to keep this simple. I (Female 22), have recently rented out a new fully furnished apartment. I invited my next-door neighbor (let's call her Sarah) to come and have lunch with me in order to get to know each other better.

When she came, she was carrying this huge dog in her arms. Now I personally don't have any problems with dogs or any pets but my apartment's owner requested that I don't bring any pets inside because they might cause some damage.

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Apparently, the previous person who lived in the apartment had a pet cat that would break stuff every once in a while, and that would cost a lot for the owner since everything inside from the furniture to the kitchen appliances were his.

I explained that to Sarah and she was very understanding which I highly appreciated. She kept her dog back in her own apartment."

But things got worse when Sarah asked for the key to the original poster's apartment allegedly willing to leave her some food in gratitude for their first lunch together. The gullible woman thought it was extremely sweet of Sarah, and she gave her a spare key. This what happened next:

"I saw Sarah's dog sitting in the corner. I was outraged. I went over to her apartment which had music blasting off. She said that her friends weren't comfortable around pets and that she needed to keep her dog somewhere temporarily then she left me standing outside.

The woman's apartment was a total mess. Source: Getty

I was frustrated and carried her dog out of my apartment. I didn't just leave him there. I tied him to a leash so that he can't escape and left some food and water. The next day, Sarah called me saying that I'm cruel for leaving the dog outside in the cold weather and that he got sick as a result. She wants me to pay for the vet.

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I told her that I'm already going to have to pay a lot for the damage her dog has done and that it's her fault for leaving him there in the first place.

To be honest, I don't care about Sarah's feelings at all. I'm going to cut her off anyway but I can't help but blame myself for being part of the reason why the dog got sick. I offered to pay for the vet as a result. Am I the a**hole?"

Redditors were taken aback by the cheeky neighbor. Everyone agreed that the original poster was right in leaving the dog outside and should refuse to pay the vet bill.

Do you think the woman should sue her neighbor for the damage her dog has done to the apartment?

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