Dogs are intelligent creatures who understand their environment very well. Once at the shelter, the vast majority of dogs feel miserable. And the longer they stay there, the gloomier they become. But when they realize they are being adopted their reaction is precious.


Benny the Pit Bull arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center when he was a few months old. Dogs of these breeds are seldom adopted because they are considered to be aggressive. And Benny spent quite a long time in his tiny cage. How happy he was when he saw his new owner!


Kodak had also spent most of his adult life in a shelter. He didn't even remember what it was like to live in a home. But when Candy came to get him, he understood everything in no time. Look at how the dog shows his joy nonverbally!


Dogs who live in a shelter can often spend long periods of time there without getting enough attention and care. They may experience loneliness, anxiety, and fear because they have lost their home and familiar environment. Therefore, when such a dog finds new owners and moves into a new home, it is a very important and happy event for teh pooch.


Watch the genuine dogs' emotions in this video:

It seems that dogs are meant to be human companions. They are far from happy when they are alone.


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