That workday of veterinarian Igor Holanda seemed to be the most typical. What happened next, also seemed quite ordinary: a dog entered the lobby of the veterinary clinic. He walked up to the receptionist's desk and stood quietly, as if waiting for something to happen. The clinic staff was not surprised at first, they just looked around in search of the owner of the obedient dog.

But the owner was nowhere to be found. The dog came all alone. When the vets and nurses took a closer look, they noticed that the dog had been homeless for a long time. He looked untidy, and there was a deep wound on his neck. It was as if the dog sensed where to go to get help, and certainly the vets couldn't refuse the plea which could be read in the dog's eyes.

Of course, the pooch didn't have an appointment, but Dr. Holanda decided to help the poor dog. The vet invited the patient into the office to examine him. He and the nurse first performed a general clinical examination and then dealt with the injury. All the while the stray was behaving like a perfect patient.

Source: Igor Holanda

The wound was cleaned, treated with antibiotics, and stitched up. But that wasn't enough; the dog clearly required close observation and needed time to recover. But Dr. Holland could not betray the trust of the patient, who had personally chosen him as his canine physician. And the veterinarian made the decision to keep the dog at the clinic while he was being treated. "I am honored to have the opportunity to help," Holanda said, "God brought this animal to my clinic so I could take care of him."

Dr. Holanda hoped that the decision to come to the clinic would prove truly life-changing for the dog, that there he would not only receive treatment, but would be able to find a new home. Such a huge, intelligent, and well-mannered dog clearly deserved a better life. Now the veterinarian hopes the dog's homeless days are over for good.

Source: Igor Holanda

Do you think the dog happened to come to the vet's or was at the clinic earlier?


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