It's one of the biggest rescues of El Paso Animal Services, Texas. In a Texas home, volunteers discovered about 100 dogs, many of them being in critical condition. Their rescue, organized by several humane societies, was not an easy one.

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In El Paso, Texas local authorities were reported 100 Chihuahuas living together. The situation was urgent because of the number of canines there, but also because of their health.

Several humane societies stepped in. One of them, the Humane Association of Warren County, planned to take about 60 dogs to their shelter in Ohio, 1000 miles away.

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But the transfer proved to be more complicated than expected. Indeed, the fragile health of the survivors did not allow them to travel by plane. Thus, only overland transport was possible. The staff had to travel 13 hours overland.

This long journey cost the lives of several dogs, but the vast majority arrived safely. All were taken care of and remained under medical supervision. They were gradually put up for adoption.

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As the director of the Humane Association of Warren County notes, this rescue wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for cooperation between different associations as well as the involvement of locals. It is the reports made by the locals that allow to detect this kind of cases:

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Also, fundraising is essential to support shelters: "When we bring these dogs back here, there are medical treatments, tests, things like that to prepare them for adoption. So any help is always greatly appreciated," the woman added.


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