A proud dog from Washington returned from a walk scruffing a tiny puppy. After taking a closer look at the baby, the owners decided to report it to the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries in Waynesboro. No one wanted its parents to come and get it, as the baby turned out to be a black bear cub.

Source: Wildlife Center of Virginia

When the staff arrived, they could not hide their surprise. After examining the cub, they confirmed the couple's suspicions – the dog had brought home a bear cub that must have been left by his mother. If the mother bear had been around, she never would have let the dog near her baby.

Source: Wildlife Center of Virginia

They took the cub to the Virginia Wildlife Center. The baby turned out to be it was a healthy, energetic male weighing about one pound. Although the cub was slightly dehydrated, he had no other health issues.

Source: Wildlife Center of Virginia

The bear cub was bottle-fed and placed in an incubator, where he had company, a female bear cub that had been found in a landfill the previous month. So the two cubs became the youngest of their species to ever make it to the Wildlife Center.

Source: Wildlife Center of Virginia

Last week a new mother was found for the cub, a female bear weighing more than 200 lb. The cub was placed next to the entrance to her enclosure and she willingly took the baby in, treating it as her own cub. But the boy would have to wait, as it is a week younger.

Source: Wildlife Center of Virginia

Source: Wildlife Center of Virginia

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