For anyone who has ever seen a pit bull named Hades, it was hard to imagine that such a story could happen to him. The fierce-looking fighting dog, who lives in the Mexico City home of Juan Jose Flores, brought home a pregnant cat!


The two animals had known each other long ago since the cat was a frequent visitor to Flores' yard. The dog was shunning the uninvited guest, though he did not show any aggression towards the kitty. Taking pity on the poor animal, Juan would feed the cat. Then the kitty began to appear in the yard even more often.

Everything changed when one day Hades began jumping around his owner trying to draw his attention to something in the yard. Eventually the dog and his owner walked to Hades' kennel, where a surprised Flores discovered the pregnant cat he had been feeding. She was due to give birth any at moment.


When the cat went into labor, Hades didn't move from the kennel. His owner was astonished to see how Hades had given up his kennel to the mother-to-be. When the kittens were born, the dog even dragged his favorite toy from the house.


Hades showed no aggression toward the two newborn kittens and licked them. Jose even suspected that Hades considered himself the father of the kittens. He was very affectionate with them.


Jose decided to keep the mother cat and named her Nicole. When the kittens get older, they'll go to their forever homes.

"Hades did everything he could to help Nicole. It's a beautiful example of selfless kindness," Flores says. He thinks his cat's story will help people take a new look at the so-called aggressive dog breeds.


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