Tim Newton lives in Alaska, so he wasn't surprised to see a lynx kitten on his porch in the evening. The guy gave it some food and went quietly to bed. In the morning, however, Tim heard an unusual noise outside. He opened the door and saw that the whole lynx family had gathered on his porch.

Tim's house is located near a national park, so he sees wild animals quite often. They usually prefer to stay in the woods, but one day a tiny Canadian lynx kitten came to the guy's porch.

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The kitten was completely unafraid of humans and gladly accepted food. Then he ran away, Tim thought that was the end of the story.

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However, the next morning the whole lynx family came to the man to ask for food. After the sumptuous breakfast, the beautiful mom and her kittens hid in the woods again.

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It is unlikely that they would come to Tim again since their meeting on the porch seemed to be incidental.

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Tim told his neighbors about the incident, and everyone was thrilled with the story. Someone advised him to leave some more food on the porch to see the lynxes again, but Tim decided not to risk attracting dangerous wild animals.

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The Canadian lynx certainly poses no threat to humans, but it is still a predator who can defend its territory. Tim is grateful for the unique experience and hopes that Canadian lynxes will stay away from his home.

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Wild animals should live in their habitat and not be tamed by humans. Alaska has many national parks where animals can be safe in their natural habitat.

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