All mammals yawn from time to time. Yawning is the best way to improve blood flow to the brain, which helps focus and signals that it's time to rest. Just like humans, animals get tired and bored, so the brain signals them to yawn.

Just like humans, animals get tired

Humans have this peculiarity: when we see someone yawning, we also want to yawn. Looking at these animals makes us want to fall asleep!

The cutest yawn ever!

Even bobcats get bored on grass

Koalas can yawn too

The squirrel is stretching!

The biggest yawn on the planet from a sleepy hippo!

And this is the very first yawn of the little possum's life

Even polar bears get tired sometimes

What a cute thing from a sea cat!

The newborn baby squirrel is already yawning

The rabbit is stretching and yawning

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Foxy lies down to rest

Sleepy Coon

Admit it, have you yawned at least once?


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