Brandie Allon, 39, a mom-of-three from Panama City, Florida, never knew what an unusual family member she would have. One day when she and her two-year-old daughter Juliana dropped in a local pet shop, her toddler fell in love with a white tree frog, which was left at the pet store by its previous owner.

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After some tears and entreaties, Brandie finally gave in and agreed to buy that green frog for $40. The grog was named George. Interestingly enough, he has turned out to be the perfect companion for Juliana, the bearded dragon and gecko that already live at home.

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"Juliana wakes up and the first thing she says is 'baby frog,'" Brandie says. "She wants to hold him right away."

George's favorite place is Juliana's shoulder. From there he watches how Juliana plays, eats, and watches TV. Moreover, George has his own home in Juliana's room. The frog is definitely happy since he is green, and tree frogs turn green when they are doing well, and dark brown when they feel bad.

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Juliana takes care of her beloved pet, ensuring that he has bowls full of food and water. Of course, Brandie keeps an eye on the pair. Since frogs can carry salmonella, Julianna perfectly knows that she is not allowed to kiss the frog.

"Hugging is fine, but she always runs to the bathroom to wash her hands afterwards because she knows the rules," Brandie explains. "I encourage my kids by telling them that if they love animals and take care of them responsibly, they can have one."

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"I never thought we would get a frog," Allon continues. "Every animal has a different personality, but if you find an old soul like George, I'd definitely recommend getting a pet frog, he’s just a happy little fellow."

Watch how the best friends are hanging out in the video below:

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