Spotting a huge bear behind your back might be a very spooky experience. However, sometimes wild animals approach humans not to attack but to ask for help. It might seem impossible, but such a case really happened in a remote northern town.

One day a hunter was once again getting ready to go after his prey, but suddenly he heard strange sounds coming from the yard. The hunter was taken aback when he looked out the window: he had never thought he would find such prey in his own backyard.

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The huge bear was standing on its hind legs, roaring in terror. The man grabbed his gun, opened the window, and aimed it at the animal. Fortunately, as an experienced hunter the man knew that a bear would never approach a man's house for no reason.

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It was obvious that the bear wanted something, and the man had to figure out what it was. Forgetting about his fear, the man lowered his gun, and then a real miracle happened. The bear apparently sensed that the man understood her, turned around and slowly, as if inviting to follow her, led into the woods.

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The man left the house and followed the animal. Many things were on his mind along the way. He had encountered wild animals numerous times, but this such a case happened for the first time in his life. The bear led the hunter to a lake. The man knew from experience that many bears with their cubs on their backs swam across water bodies. Most likely, there was an accident. Maybe her cubs fell into the water and they did not have enough strength to swim ashore.

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But it turned out to be much worse than that. The man approached the lake and spotted a bear cub entangled in a fishing net near the shore. The net was slowly sinking under the pressure of the current, and the little bear cub would grasp for air and then disappear under the water.

At lightning speed, the man rushed to save the life of the drowning cub. He used his knife to cut the net to free the cub. The little one looked very weak and exhausted, and it is unknown how long it had been floundering there, since its mother came to the man for help.

All this time the mother bear stood aside, watching intently, as if fearing to frighten the rescuer. Only after her baby was on dry land did she started to slowly approach her cub.

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This incident had a profound impression on the man. Of course, he knew that bears are very intelligent animals, but he could not even imagine what they were capable of. Indeed, if the hunter had made a different decision, he would have simply shot the baby's mother. Fortunately, the hunter trusted his gut instinct. To help the mother bear, who trusted him with her life and the life of her cub was the wisest decision.

This story shows that even one of the strongest and most dangerous wild animals can ask for help, putting its own life at risk. Bears' maternal love is even glorified in proverbs because it is truly deep and unconditional.

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