With her tender looks and smile on her face, it is certain that Maya is bringing joy to those around her. She has become a ray of sunshine in a facility the atmosphere of which isn't always very pleasant.

"She is the residents' darling. Maya, a female Jack Russell and Bichon mix, has won the hearts of the seniors living in the Thomas-Becket nursing home in Argentan, France. Her owner, an animator in the facility, happened to take her to work one day and since then, the dog has become "the mascot" of the rest home.

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Maya was a puppy weighing only 2 lb when Béatrice Lafosse-Tigé adopted her. The woman, who works closely with the elderly, decided to stop by the nursing home to introduce her new canine friend to them.

According to Béatrice, "something unusual happened." Indeed, the presence of the dog caused such a stir that her owner contacted the management to get permission to take Maya to work every day.

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A friend to the residents

Maya has adapted perfectly to life at the nursing home. Sometimes she accompanies its residents on outings, sometimes she stays with her owner during activities. Moreover, she has even inspired a memory game, which involves listing the breeds of dogs that the seniors have owned at some point in their lives.

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Maya the dog is a source of happiness for the residents. Moreover, some of them do not hesitate to bicker to have her a little longer! She gets affectionate nicknames such as "my little girl", and always gets a treat at snack time.

Happier stay

For many, entering a nursing home has been a difficult experience. Nostalgia and loneliness are particularly recurrent feelings. Beatrice and Maya make residents feel better. One resident said, "Since she's been here, I'm alive again!" and added that the doggie was "her happiness."

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Other French nursing homes are also integrating pets into their facilities and this decision has always been well received.

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