Recently, Hazlynn Nozi from Kelantan, Malaysia, has shared a touching story about the bond between her late father and his beloved cat named Nana.

The cat. Source: pets.mail

According to the girl, Nana has been coming to the man's grave every night for two years now.

"The grave is behind the mosque, and the mosque is next to our home. And it's not difficult for Nana to make that journey every day in order to spend some time with my dad," Nozi says.

Nana is missing his owner. Source: pets.mail

Nozi says that her family members have learned about the cat's nocturnal escapades by chance, when they noticed that every morning he would come from somewhere hungry and with dewy paws, and then they saw him at the man's grave.

Source: pets.mail

Now Nana continues to visit his owner's grave, alone or with other family members. As the deceased's daughter says, his loyalty knows no bounds.

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Source: pets.mail

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