It's always hard to find a home for a shelter dog, especially when he/she has some behavioral issues. But luckily for Hattie, a kind family has given her a chance at a better life after she had spent 500 days in the shelter.

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Poor little Hattie was abandoned by her owners because she was too difficult to handle. For the same reason, no one wanted to adopt her. Day after day, she would see visitors pass by her kennel, showing no interest in her. To make matters worse, the pooch was left heartbroken, when a family adopted her and brought her back some time later... Fortunately, all Hattie's misfortunes are in the past, since she has found her forever home.

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A family was looking for a Cocker Spaniel to adopt

Dean and Tracey Blackmore, along with their 2 kids, wanted to adopt a dog after their Cocker Spaniel passed away. They were hoping to find a dog of the same breed and came across Hattie. Having some experience handling a Cocker Spaniel, they made up their mind to adopt the dog.

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To prevent her from being brought back again a few weeks later, the shelter made some arrangements. For 2 months, the family had to visit Hattie to get to know her well and make sure she was comfortable with her prospective owners.

Then the new owners came to pick up Hattie. Everything was ready for her in her new house, as can be seen in the video below:

The patient family is doing their best to improve the dog's behavior

Hattie has been very comfortable in her new home, which she quickly got used to. She is affectionate and full of energy. She loves to discover new places on walks.

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The Blackmores are convinced that the dog is going to make great progress. Although they know that it will be a long journey, they are prepared for it.

Thanks to their love and care, Hattie lives life to the fullest.

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