A piglet named Laura lives in a rescue shelter near Santiago, Chile. There also live such residents as ducks, chickens, pigs, sheep, calves and geese. One day an unusual shelter resident appeared there – a kitten named Marin.

The little ones immediately found common ground. Source: Santuario Igualdad

So cute. Source: Santuario Igualdad

The fluffy little guy was found on the street and brought to the shelter. He was weak from hunger and had infected eyes. Under the care of shelter staff, Marin quickly made a full recovery and started playing with people and shelter animals.

True love. Source: Santuario Igualdad

Lunch time. Source: Santuario Igualdad

The kitten met Laura, a piglet rescued from a slaughterhouse. She was constantly trembling with fear and was frightened of everything. Marin helped her relax, start trusting people and playing with other animals.

More kisses. Source: Santuario Igualdad

That look. Source: Santuario Igualdad

Now Laura and Marin are best friends. Volunteers at the shelter have even created a social media account, where they post photos and videos of Laura and Marin playing together, cuddling and sleeping together on a warm blanket.

Taking a nap together. Source: Santuario Igualdad

Genuine love. Source: Santuario Igualdad

Watch the video of this adorable duo:

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And this video is sure to make your heart melt:

Source: pets.mail

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