When it is raining cats and dogs, one might be unwilling to take his/her dog outside. But it can't be helped, since dogs have to go potty. Audrey lingered in the hallway, reluctantly putting on her jacket and shoes. Her dog Cody had been sitting by the door for half an hour with a happy face waiting to be taken on a walk, as if urging his owner to dress faster.

No sooner had they closed the front door, the pet ran off at full speed to the nearest puddle and began to jump happily, throwing aside thousands of splashes. Audrey watched Cody with horror thinking how long it would take her to wash his red coat in the bathtub.

While the dog was playing around, Audrey called her friend to distract herself from unpleasant thoughts. At that moment a little kitten came out from behind a nearby tree, shivering with cold. Seeing the playful dog, the little cat did not hesitate to come up to him. On spotting the gray kitty, Cody was alarmed and very surprised by the little one's courage. But then the dog approached the kitten, sniffed, wagged his tail as a sign of friendship, and licked his face. 

Audrey did not notice this touching scene, as she was absorbed in the conversation. Then the girl looked at her watch and realized it was time to go home. She called the dog and went towards the doorway. When Audrey looked around, she saw a small gray kitty running after her pet. Audrey tried to chase the little guy away, but he turned out to be stubborn and continued to follow his new friend.

Then someone called Audrey on the phone, and she took her eyes off the kitten for a while. At that moment the baby, seeing a huge puddle ahead, suddenly jumped on the dog's back. Cody was taken aback by such impudence, but did not throw off the baby, and continued to run with the fluffy rider who firmly clawed at his "horse's'" back.

When Audrey finished talking and turned around, she was shocked by the sight. She was at loss for words, as Cody nonchalantly entered the house, carrying the kitten on his back.

Seeing the fluffy rider, the girl's mother was speechless, but then burst out laughing. Audrey wanted to take the baby outside, but her mom did not allow her. It was raining outside, and the baby was dripping wet and obviously hungry.

The two new friends were given a bath, and then fed to their hearts' content. The kitten got a huge bowl of milk, which he happily drank. And then he happily fell asleep on the couch. Of course, to take the baby outside was out of the question. So thanks to his brave escapade, the kitten found a home, wonderful owners, and a kind furry friend. 

Source: mimimetr

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