Yari and Pepper had seemingly nothing in common. The first one was a Pitbull mix, young, lively, and large, while the second one was a Chihuahua cross, old, calm and small. Yet, these polar opposites were soul mates. They were inseparable and loved each other dearly. So when Pepper took her last breath, Yari was heartbroken.

Yari and Pepper. Source: Tona Gonzalez Karlsson

Pepper watched Yari grow up

Tona Gonzalez Karlsson is the owner of Yari and Pepper. She first raised the Chihuahua, with whom she lived for 9 years, and then she adopted Yari from a shelter. Pepper, usually very picky about other dogs, immediately took a liking to his new little sister. It seemed to be love at first sight. They would play together, cuddle, and eventually became inseparable.

Yari and Pepper. Source: Tona Gonzalez Karlsson

"Yari always wanted to be with Pepper. Sometimes, she would howl if she wasn’t in the same vicinity as him but knew he was near," Tona recalls.

Yari and Pepper. Source: Tona Gonzalez Karlsson

Five years passed, and the bond between the two dogs grew stronger and stronger.

Pepper got sick

Unfortunately, as Pepper got older, he fell ill. His health was seriously deteriorating, and the dog was a frequent visitor to the veterinary clinic. At this point, they changed roles. It was the little sister who started to take care of her big brother.

Pepper fell ill. Source: Tona Gonzalez Karlsson

"Whenever Pep was sick or after he came home from the hospital, Yari knew to be calm around him. She would just want to comfort both him and me," Tona said. Likewise, the Pitbull could wake up her mom in the middle of the night to let her know the old dog felt unwell.

After a while, Pepper was in too much pain and it was time for him to go.

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A grave in the grandparents' garden

The whole family went to Tona's parents' house, where a grave was dug for the Chihuahua. The vet came and the old dog passed away. Yari went to snuggle with her big brother for the last time, then he was laid to rest on a bed of lavender and garden flowers.

Pepper's grave. Source: Tona Gonzalez Karlsson

"Yari looked into the grave, and I obviously don’t know what she was thinking, but she must have known he was there. She laid down next to his grave, and she seemed so sad, and it just seemed like she was hugging the dirt."

Yari is so sad. Source: Tona Gonzalez Karlsson

Back at home, Yari had lost her zest for life. As time passed, she got over her grief. And now she regularly visits her older brother's grave under the grandparents' pepper tree. This time Yari is far from being sad, but on the contrary, she loves to come and greet him.

"I took her to visit his grave at my parents' house. She was so happy and kept sniffing the dirt under the pepper tree," Tona says.

Source: The Dodo

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