When Ms. Fu saw her dog Pudding interacting with a stray cat, she thought that her pooch was about to harm the feline. Little did she know what would happen next.

In the yard of her house in Weifang (China), Mrs. Fu witnessed a touching scene. She saw her dog named Pudding offering food to a hungry local feline, and posted this video on social media.

Ms. Fu was working in the garden, when she heard her dog bark. Then she spotted her dog walk to the kennel to take out a pork bun. He then placed it in front of a staircase, on which an orange tabby cat was sitting.

The touching scene. Source: YouTube screenshot

Surprised, the woman took out her phone to film the scene, not sure what would happen next: "I thought he would try to catch the cat or fight with it when it takes a bite of the bun."

An act of generosity

Yet Pudding had no bad intentions. In fact, he was in a generous mood, as he seemed to be offering the cat his food. He was wagging his tail, even when the feline approached the pork bun.

The cat was still wary, and at first did not dare to approach the meal. But then the tabby finally felt safe enough to climb down the steps and grab its present. As for Pudding, he showed no signs of aggression and didn't bat an eye.

The cat grabbed the pork bun. Source: YouTube screenshot

Social media users have gone emotional

Ms. Fu shared her video on Douyin, a social platform similar to TikTok. She was showered by comments from people who were touched by the video. Some called the dog an "angel" and said he had a "beautiful soul". Others noted that humans should learn a lot from animals.

Check out this touching video:

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