A London resident has been having one meal a week for a year because of her pets. She spends $60 a week on them.

Yasemn Kaptan, 46, quit her job due to illness and is now forced to live on benefits, but she spends them not only on herself.

Yasemn Kaptan has lost her job, but she still does her best to feed her six cats. Source: SWNS

The woman eats only once a week, so that she has enough money to feed her six cats, who, as she says, "keep her going."

 The Kaptan's cats. Source: SWNS

Kaptan has been eating only once a week for a year because she spends $60 of her $69 weekly allowance on her pets.

Some of the cats are purebred. Source: SWNS

Kaptan also receives a $400 monthly disability allowance due to her osteoporosis, but this money is used to pay for rent and utilities.

The woman can't let the cats go. Source: SWNS

As Kaptan says, to relieve hunger, she drinks mint tea. According to her, she has recently lost a lot of weight.

Kaptan  has recently lost a lot of weight. Source: SWNS

"I don't have any extra money, but I can't let the cats go. They have grown up with us. I have had them since they were kittens," Kaptan says.

Source: mirror.co.uk

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