Nowadays there are a lot of animals living in shelters, and unfortunately, not every furry friend can find a forever home. So to get human's attention, dogs and cats have to resort to desperate measures to stand out among the crowd. A 6-month-old mongrel named Barbie has come up with an ingenious way to draw people's attention to herself.

Barbie was surrendered to Brooklyn ACC. Source: Instagram screenshot

Barbie and her sibling were surrendered the Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn, New York, after her owners had realized that they were unable to take care of the two very energetic pups.

The shelter staff immediately liked the adorable Barbie for her sweet kisses and easy-going personality. Barbie figured out that in order to be noticed she should stretch her paws through the kennel bars so that the shelter visitors stopped to play with her.

She knew how to draw people's attention to herself. Source: Instagram screenshot

ACC volunteer Manisa Shah immediately realized that Barbie was special.

Love at first sight. Source: Instagram screenshot

"She is literally the most charming little pup," Shah said. "When we passed her kennel, we said hi and gave her treats, and she would flop around in her kennel looking for attention and hoping to be taken out. Finally, it was her turn, and she stuck her little paws out through the food slot. She is irresistible!"

Barbie is waiting for her forever home. Source: Instagram screenshot

Barbie was so friendly and sweet that Brooklyn ACC made a special post about her on Instagram.

"She loved hopping around in the yard, pouncing on balls and stuffed toys," Brooklyn ACC wrote. "She enjoyed being snuggly with us on the bench, and we loved how curious she was about everything. She stretches her paws through the kennel bars to play pattycake, and that seals the deal. What is cuter – Barbie’s baby pink and black nose or her round puppy belly?"

The video of Barbie stretching her paws out to get some attention from passers-by immediately went viral. So there were a lot of people willing to adopt this cutie.

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"She was adopted fast!" Manisa said. "One of our followers saw our post and went to the shelter and adopted her quickly!"

Now Barbie lives in a loving family who are taking care of her in the best possible way.

Now Barbie lives in a loving family. Source: Instagram screenshot

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