Reddit user under the nickname Reebzo has recently shared a fascinating story in which his cat was involved. Indeed, the situation resembles the plot of a David Lynch movie.

Smart kitty. Source: pets.mail

Reebzo said that the other day his pet had brought a strange trophy from a hunt. "The booty" looked like ... a human ear, and the frightened owners had to call the police.

The booty looked like a human ear. Source: Reddit

The criminalists took the find for examination and the owners' guess was confirmed. It turned out that it was indeed an ear, but not a human ear – it was a pig ear.

Netizens also confirmed the results of examination:

"100 percent it is a dog's treat – a dried pig's ear!"

Has your cat or dog been involved in an unusual story? Share it in the comments section!

Source: pets.mail

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